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HSS Winter Series 2024

Introduction to programming with Python

February 26-28, 2024, 12:00-2:00 pm EST

Welcome by:

Presented by: Alex Razoumov

Duration: 3 * 120 minutes (total 6 hours)

Description: Python can be used in many humanities and social sciences workflows, and it is an easy and fun language to learn. This introductory 3-day, 6-hour course will walk you through the basics of programming in Python starting at the beginner’s level. We will cover the main language features – variables and data types, conditionals, lists, for/while loops, list comprehensions, dictionaries, writing functions, and working with external libraries, doing many exercises along the way. In the second part we will take a look at some of the libraries in more details, including pandas for working with large tables, simple plotting with matplotlib, and few others.


Alex Razoumov earned his PhD in computational astrophysics from the University of British Columbia and held postdoctoral positions in Urbana–Champaign, San Diego, Oak Ridge, and Halifax. He has worked on numerical models ranging from galaxy formation to core-collapse supernovae and stellar hydrodynamics, and has developed a number of computational fluid dynamics and radiative transfer codes and techniques. He spent five years as HPC Analyst in SHARCNET helping researchers from diverse backgrounds to use large clusters, and in 2014 moved back to Vancouver to focus on scientific visualization and training researchers to use advanced computing tools. He is now with Simon Fraser University.